UNITED NATIONS at Expo Milano 2015

For the first time in the history of world expositions, the UN does not have a pavilion but instead a horizontal presence with content spread throughout the Expo site. A UN Zero Hunger Itinerary links UN content, from Pavilion Zero – where the link between Expo’s theme and the mission of the UN will be most evident – through the UN Garden, the Biodiversity Park, the Children’s Park, the Future Food District, the 9 Thematic Clusters, country pavilions and the civil society area, Cascina Triulza. The main element of our logo, a spoon in the blue that is so reminiscent of the UN flag, is the symbol of our presence at Expo Milano 2015. This was chosen as our emblem because, when talking about food and nutrition and the challenge of feeding the whole world, the spoon is a tool common to all food traditions, demonstrating how the Zero Hunger Challenge belongs to each and every one of us. A large part of the UN Itinerary is made up of several UN spaces in Expo Milano’s main thematic areas, easily recognizable by their giant blue spoons. By visiting the UN spaces you can discover through videos, photo stories, infographics and maps how the UN System strives daily to eradicate hunger and guarantee a sustainable future for our planet. Above all, by following our itinerary you will discover how to take part in the Challenge, because in order to get to Zero, we need everybody to get involved.

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